Improving Learning


A revolution is happening in education. It no longer takes place in tidy categories of schoolwork and homework: the next step for both teachers and students is Cloudwork. Students complete their Cloudwork in school or home learning environments, and teachers organise, present and assess Cloudwork for digital classes.

Cloud Apps for Collaborative Learning

The Studentnet collaborative learning environment integrates apps such as Cloudwork, Student Single Sign-On, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Content Management Platforms (CMP), as below:


Cloudwork is a 'smart layer' specifically for educational environments, to control and configure cloud email systems such as Google Gmail. See more on Cloudwork at Studentnet's Google Apps Marketplace. Cloudwork functions include:
Identity: Cloudwork provides email accounts for staff, students and parents under a domain name for your school.
Security: Logins are integrated with school access systems. Filtering for viruses and other attacks are available.
Alumni: Email/DNS accounts for life are available for alumni, creating long-term links to the institution.
Reporting: Account and utilisation reports are easily generated. Reporting has been tailored for education.
Administration: Cloudwork allows bulk creation, maintenance, suspension or removal of email accounts.
Supervision: Administrators have the 'Silent Inspection' facility for email auditing and cyberbullying forensics.
Collaboration: Powerful tools are available: calendars, chat, learning systems, content platforms.
Groups: Contact group lists can be set up for classrooms, school years, houses, sports and science clubs.

Student Single Sign-On

A Single Sign-On login to one Studentnet service provides immediate, transparent and secure access to the other services authorised for that identity. Here are some of the benefits for student:
  • Easy Access: A login to Moodle allows access to linked Cloudwork accounts without further logins.
  • Password Control: Changing the password in Cloudwork instantly implements it in the other facilities.
  • See demonstrations here (Demos 1 & 2).

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems supplement face-to-face courses. They can be used for conducting online courses, or can be a collaborative community tool, with forums, databases and wikis. Studentnet supports Moodle and Sharepoint.
  • moodle logo Moodle is a popular open-source LMS, used among educators worldwide as a compact education platform for small schools or large-scale deployments.
  • sharepoint logo Sharepoint is Microsoft's collaboration and publishing system, with document and file management, social networking, and website creation.

    Content Management Platforms

    Content management platforms present, organise and keep track of content on websites, with almost no technical skill or knowledge required. Studentnet offers Joomla and Drupal:
  • drupal logo Drupal allows individuals or communities to easily publish, manage and organize website content, with dozens of freely available add-on modules.
  • joomla logo Joomla enables people to build websites and powerful online applications, backed by a growing community of friendly users and talented developers.