Cloudwork® Compatible

Cloudwork Compatible
The Cloudwork Identity Manager provides single sign-on access to a vast range of well-known educational services. Studentnet is automating access to those services on an ongoing basis, and those with automated access we call Cloudwork Compatible. They include Cloud Apps, School Management Systems, CMSs, LMSs, Library Systems and Teacher Resources.

See here for the list of Supported and Cloudwork Compatible services.

Cloudwork Compatible Services offer these Benefits:

Simple Implementation
  • Ease: Cloudwork Compatible services are easy to install
  • Fixed Cost: Installable at a fixed charge or free
  • No Risk: services guaranteed to work
  • Multi-Device support for BYOD and mobile devices
  • Site users only need to sign in once
  • Site users have only one password to remember
Cost Reduction
  • Less time and effort for sysadmins, who only need to maintain a single account for any given user
  • Sites gain access to a range of services that extend valuable functionality for their users
  • Supports federated identity-provider hierarchies for multi-national and corporate conglomerates
  • Establishes an identity bridge between federated identity providers
Secure Credentials
  • Consistent, high-quality identity credentials enforced (eg password formats, multi-factor authentication)
  • Single-account maintenance reduces the possibility of low-quality credentials
  • Services are guaranteed to support new cloud directory and identity management functionality
  • Services use SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), the open standard data format for exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties.

Look for the Cloudwork Compatible logo before using any cloud services.