Assisting Teachers


A revolution is happening in education. It no longer takes place in tidy categories of schoolwork and homework: the next step for both teachers and students is Cloudwork. Teachers organise, present and assess Cloudwork for digital classes, and students complete their Cloudwork in school or home learning environments. Cloudwork's directory service provides the data locked up in your school's management system to all Google Apps™. See more at the Google Apps Marketplace.

Cloud Controls for Digital Classrooms

Cloudwork lets you share lessons and assignments across domains and monitor student progress, and is fully automated - set and forget. Cloudwork tools for teachers are tailored to the intense annual cycle of student account set-up, maintenance and appropriate operation. They are supported by locally-based, helpful technical staff, not call centres. Cloudwork tools:
  • Allow integrated login access to all Studentnet facilities (Single-Sign-On).
  • Can be used to administer bulk or individual accounts (Password Administration).
  • Allow discreet email inspection, forensics and tracking of misuse (Silent Inspection).
  • Provide automatic updates of student class lists from school databases (Automated Class Groups).
  • Provide automatic updates of student cloud password data from school databases (Any Directory Integration).

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) provides integrated login access to all Studentnet facilities. A single login to one Studentnet service provides immediate, transparent and secure access to all other authorised services for that login identity, local or remote. See demonstrations of Single Sign-On here (Demos 1 and 2).

Password Administration

Password Administration allows student or staff passwords to be set up and changed in bulk (for annual intakes), for groups or for individuals. See a demonstration of Password Administration here (Demo 3).

Student Silent Inspection

Administrators can check student email for possible misuse with the Student Silent Inspection facility. Silent Inspection allows for email integrity checking, forensics and tracking of misuse. See a demonstration of Silent Inspection here (Demo 4).

Automated Class Groups

Before Cloudwork can be assigned or submitted, lists of students in classes must be defined: but manual maintenance of student lists is a burden. Studentnet's easy Automated Class Groups (ACG) system auto-extracts class list data from school databases. Flexible ACG supports as many sources of class list data as possible, including LDAP (including Active Directory), School Management Systems (using XMLRPC/LISS), and comma-separated value lists. CSV lists can be pulled, pushed or provided manually. See more on Automated Class Groups here.

Any Directory Integration

The promise of cloud services can be eroded by the costly burden of maintaining passwords in two places: your school network and the Cloud. Studentnet innovation eliminates that cost by integrating school password directories into cloud-based services. Our Any Directory Integration (ADI) solution not only protects your school's valuable account information, but also reduces the daily effort of account and password maintenance, and eases the burdens placed on school staff.