Reducing Expense

Cloud Core for Cheaper, Safer Education Technology

Studentnet offers cloud-based services for cheaper and more secure education technology. All services provide commercial-grade resources and functionality at economic rates, and are guaranteed with professional Service Level Agreements, We aim to tailor solutions suitable for each of our clients. If these options do not meet your requirements, please contact us to arrange a custom quotation.


Studentnet's services are based upon robust, widely-used and well-defined network protocols, such as IPv6, SAML, SIF and LISS, as below:

Backups and Security

Regular backups are performed. Data is mirrored and archived on-site and off-site. Services are monitored for alerts, performance issues, resource usage, and 24x7 availability. Traffic is protected via IPv4 and IPv6-specific firewalls. Commercial-grade service level agreements are provided. Servers are located in Sydney, providing fast response, in Semper.Net™, one of Australia's longest-running telehousing and colocation networks.

Managed and Virtual Servers

Studentnet provides a solid foundation for ICT infrastructure. It offers a range of options from continuity protection for school-based equipment, to solutions at our professionally-run data centre Semper.Net™ - a modern, purpose-built environment which has offered hosting and network management services since 1995, a record of continuous operation that few other providers can match. All services guaranteed with commercial-grade SLAs.

Option 1 - Dedicated Server

The maximum in independence, configurability, security and availability - commission your own dedicated server at our data centre.

Option 1 is a Semper.Net server, dedicated to your usage only, located in our secure, monitored data centre.
  • You have remote access to manage services at all times.
  • You get 24x7 management, monitoring and maintenance
  • State-of-the-art security and fire protection
  • Redundant backup for power and cooling systems
  • Monitored and continually updated firewall

Option 2 - Virtual Server

Would you like to meet your ever-increasing ICT demands without having to fund expensive equipment upgrades? Try a virtual server!
Option 2 is to locate your school services on a virtual server running VMware ESX at the Semper.Net data centre.

Virtual servers provide all of the separate secure functionality of a dedicated computer, but share their powerful physical resources between multiple operating system environments.

You can choose either a Windows or Linux environment, and we will be happy to assist your move. After that, we manage the server; you only need to manage your software and applications.

Option 3 - School Server

School ICT staff are rarely available 24 hours, seven days a week, but the services of their computers are expected to be. Why not have them professionally managed all of the time?
Option 3 is to locate school equipment at the Semper.Net data centre.

The data centre provides all of the state-of-the-art protection and functionality listed above, but your organisation is responsible for the physical upgrading, organisation and maintenance of all of your school's hardware, software and applications.

Option 4 - Continuity Protection

Power and telecomms services are vulnerable to outages from storms, fires or general misadventure, but we can provide the backup to minimise disruption if something goes wrong.
Option 4 is to maintain continuity for school-hosted facilities using Semper.Net.
  • We can store (and later deliver) email if your services go off-line.
  • We can replicate school databases to a failover service, which automatically supplies data even if school systems are off-line.
  • We can provide a secondary domain name service, so if the school's primary DNS fails, its intranet and website will still be visible.